Good Fit Shake Strawberry : Hemp Protein 

Hi lovelies!

I thought I’d share this post as someone who is very conscious of the products I put into my body, and of the high sugar levels that some protein shakes and supplements can contain.

So I was looking around Holland & Barrett for supplements which I considered were not  “too bad”.

Suddenly I saw a word that definitely caught my attention:  “natural “.

Walking over, I see “Hemp Protein” and “Braham & Murray Natural Good Fit Shake Hemp Protein” and some pretty decent price tags too at £12.99 a tub.

I decided to pick up the strawberry flavoured Braham & Murray Natural Hemp Protein Powder Good Fit Shake because I wasn’t sure I’d be familiar, or even like, the taste of the Braham & Murray plain hemp protein powder.


What I did like, is the fact that the list of ingredients for the shakes are short. For me, that’s always a good sign (obviously depending on what these ingredients entail), but it just instantly puts the idea across for me that it isn’t over processed.

Here’s what’s in the Good Fit Shake Strawberry:

  • Natural Hemp Protein
  • Natural Flavour (Strawberry)
  • Xantham Gum
  • Natural Sweetener ( Stevia ) – I love how that is noted on the tub so you know exactly which sweetener it is in the formula.
  • Green Tea

… and then it says “that’s all.”

The only thing is, with this protein, it really tastes awful when mixed with water. The taste definitely improves when it’s mixed with milk, and I am yet to try my beloved coconut milk with it. However, mixing with milk ups the sugar content, and then we are back at square one with that! I would be tempted to try it with natural yoghurts and cereals as this might further improve the taste and keep your fuller for longer.


Hemp protein is derived from plants and is a natural form of protein, so it has no added anything. This shake has 10 essential amino acids which the body needs for growth. It also has 35% of the RDA of omega 3 and is dairy free.

On the surface, hemp protein has more fat quantity than whey protein, but this fat is mainly polyunsaturated fat( the fats you find in nuts, fish and greens), and has 0.1g less saturated(bad) fat than whey.

Per 30g serving, the Good Fit Shake only has 4.5g of carbohydrates; 1.6g of which sugars. I was informed by the Holland & Barrett staff that this sugar quantity is mainly due to the sweeteners and that if you opt for Natural Hemp Protein with no flavouring, the sugar quantity drops to NIL. There’s also 6.2g of fibre in each serving, and lastly, there’s 13.8g of protein per serving of the Good Fit Shake.

I cannot stress how much I love the fact that it’s natural, it’s good for the body and good for the environment too. I love the packaging on this tub, too, as it tells me everything I need to know.

The hemp protein I have has no;

  • THC
  • Added Sugar
  • Gluten
  • Dairy & Lactose
  • GMO
  • Hexane (which is put in soya protein – it’s basically linked to gasoline… yep.)
  • Pesticides

And is suitable for vegetarian/vegan/ raw diets.

I’ve also noticed the difference in my recovery after workouts too. I presume this is the same for all protein supplements, but as a newbie, I’m happy with not aching as much for days after.

The instructions for taking read :

  • “use between meals or before and after exercise.” – as I do not wish to up my protein intake daily. I simply use around the time of exercise.


Here is the link to the actual site for Good Hemp Protein, if you wish to find out more! The site is so helpful if you’re unsure on which route to take and they also have many other products to offer as well as protein supplements!

Thank you for reading! 

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