Another Meadowhall Student Night\Haul! ✨

Hey beauts! I hope you’ve all been keeping well.

 ** Usual disclaimer about this being a long post because I just can’t help but ramble excitedly on**

So a few weeks ago I got an exciting email from one of my favourite places: Meadowhall Shopping Centre! (Sheffield,UK). This email informed me that there was to be another amazing student lock in at the centre. I am a university student studying journalism, for those who didn’t already know!

A student lock in is where a shopping centre allows students in for one night of discounts, freebies and events! They are often at the beginning of the first semester, around “fresher’s week”, and at some point during the second, for some centres.

Meadowhall’s for this term was last Thursday.

A friend and I arrived early in order to get some food before we shopped until we dropped! We decided on a late lunch at Yo!Sushi and it was absolutely gorgeous. This was my first time at Yo!Sushi, which is weird because I’ve always had a great love of sushi, but just have never been to the restaurant. I was so impressed that I have been again since! I love the fact that the food is freshly prepared right in front of you, is filling, and is healthy too. The perfect combination! (Also, the conveyer belt makes it pretty cool too, right?). The staff at Yo!Sushi in Meadowhall were fabulous; smiley and attentive which made the whole experience even better. I’m pretty sure the lady who served us was Kate. So, if that’s correct, shout out to you Kate!

Then, we went to collect our wristbands and I was presented with a blogger gift bag! I was not expecting this and was delighted when the lady behind the counter bought it out for me. I was also so impressed by the contents of it; my blogger bags from Meadowhall in the past have ALL been truly amazing and generous, and this was no different, incorporating Illamasqua lashes and a Hydra Veil primer (the only one I hadn’t tried yet out of the collection, yes!), Urban Decay samples, a £10 Primark gift card and more!


Whilst we waited for the stores to begin their discounts (6pm), we discussed our plan of attack for the night. There were so many goodies to win/collect and events to take part in, we literally needed a schedule. We decided to hit Debenhams first and take advantage of their free goodie bags, and the beauty discounts that were on in store.

The Debenhams goodie bag was full of designer fragrance samples, which I love! They’re perfect to slip into a handbag for a night out, or for the day. They’re just so handy and also give you a good indicator whether or not you’re going to like the fragrance, before you buy.

There was also an Urban Decay Perversion mascara sample in there. This is my favourite mascara of all time. I am seriously in love with it and when we walked over to the Urban Decay counter afterward, to swatch some gorgeous eyeshadows, the lady gave me another Perversion sample!

At the Urban Decay counter was where I made my favourite purchase of the night, makeup wise. You know when you see something and there is no decision making involved; you need it. That was exactly how I felt about the Urban Decay XX Vice Ltd Reloaded palette, after one swatch. The packaging is what originally caught my eye, so gorgeous and luxurious, and then looking further, I saw the beautiful array of shadows. I am just like a magpie, anything shimmery or glittery, I am there. This palette has a wide range of shimmer shadows which I am obsessed with, along with 2 perfect transition shades (depending on your skin colour) and a brow bone highlight. The shadows themselves are so buttery and after one swatch, I was sold. Urban Decay in Debenhams had 10% off, which made it £38.70 instead of £43. For the quality of this palette and of the shadows, I think that is a great price.

The palette has a press button at the front which makes the lid automatically spring slowly upward, which I thought was pretty snazzy. There is also a huge mirror included in the lid. I’m never one for really using palette mirrors, but I have found myself using this one since I bought it. I think this is because it’s so large that it is the perfect size for applying eyeshadow with. The palette came with a double ended brush too; one end is a packer brush, the other a blending brush. I have use this brush a little bit, mainly for applying shadows to the lower lash line, and it is better quality than usual palette brushes, but I can’t see myself reaching for it religiously, just because I don’t normally favour palette brushes.

Urban Decay is cruelty free. You can buy the palette on their website, however at the moment it is out of stock, but it may be in stock in your nearest store!

Next, we went into River Island. River Island is one of my favourite clothing stores, along with Missguided, so I was pretty pleased to find out they had 20% off for students on the night. When I got into the store, I couldn’t seem to find anything that really stood out to me at first… then I found a gorgeous baby pink bomber jacket that literally looks like it’s a “Pink Ladies” jacket from Grease. I fell in love with it straight away, and when I tried it on this love deepened; naturally, I bought it. It’s light pink with black elasticated cuffs, collar and bottom to the zip, the zip is gold on a black background material. The material of the jacket itself is thick but extremely comfy; it feels of high quality. It also runs true to size. On the back of the jacket there is black embroidery which, in the shape of a circle, says: “Los Angeles 1985 New York California”. I feel this adds so much more to the jacket and can’t wait to wear it. The jacket is limited edition, and was £45, but the 20% made it £36. You can find it here.

I also bought some necklaces from River Island too. I have a few chokers but don’t really wear them that often, but upon seeing this I knew I’d wear it more as it’s a little different. It has three chokers in one set. You could wear them separately but I personally think altogether they look so good. I thought they were really pretty and the gem on the middle choker is what topped it all off for me. I’ll probably pair these with the jacket I bought, and some black skinnies! The necklace set was £8, but with the 20% off it took it to £6.40. Check it out here.


Finally from River Island, I bought a canvas shopper bag. I am never one to buy canvas shopping bags as I never use them, but this one has a whippet on it, and as a crazy dog lady, specifying to greyhound (who look similar to whippets), I had to buy it. JUST LOOK HOW CUTE.


This was only £2, but the 20% took it to £1.60! I can’t find it on the River Island website anymore, but it may still be available elsewhere/in store.

After River Island we called into The Fragrance Shop where I told myself I was going to treat myself to Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream because after smelling it a few weeks ago, I thought I loved it. I don’t dislike it, but when the lady sprayed it onto me in The Fragrance Shop, I wasn’t as keen as I thought I was. So, instead of just saving my money and walking away, I succumbed to my favourite fragrance of all time: Armani Si. *moment of appreciation*.


For the price, most would expect gold flakes in this perfume, but honestly it is so gorgeous I could spend a fortune on 8 bottles every week; I get through it so fast. It’s a parfum, so is really long lasting and I think it’s worth the money, although it is expensive. I got the 50ml, they had an offer on where you could get £5 off (before a certain time) and the 10% student discount off too! So I saved quite a bit here, but I can’t remember how much it came to or how much I saved! I think it was around £58, after the discount. You can find Armani Si at Boots, Debenhams and The Fragrance Shop if you want a sniff (and you definitely do)!

We went to Boots next where my friend got her eyebrows “mapped” by Benefit. They did a fab job and she was in love with them (you’d have never have guessed, with the 80 snapchats she sent me later that night of them…), and whilst I was waiting, I got to nibble on the free Moams too! Win, win!

Then we darted into Victoria’s Secret after seeing the 20% off sign outside. It was PACKED, so unfortunately I didn’t get to look at as much as I’d wanted! But I quickly snapped up a new sports bra (£21.50 but £17.20 after the 20% discount) and 5 pants for £25 (which came to £20 with the 20% off). I haven’t included pictures of my pants because why would I want my pants on the internet? Furthermore why would people on the internet want to look at my pants? Just why? So here’s the pretty pink bag that’s hiding the pants, the pants for the bargain price of 5 for £20.

I really wanted to have a wander into Lush and buy some of their Halloween products, but it was so busy that I left about a second after entering unfortunately!

I also won a free Nando’s on the night. *YELLS EXCITEDLY*. You won by playing a game in pairs or groups, against an opposing team. The game was for one person to guess what they had on a card in front of them, whilst the other person described it. It was harder than I expected (I was the describer) but we won so yippee!

There was also other freebies around on the night too; free mini Boost smoothies, hand massages from Lush, demonstrations and mini makeovers from Smashbox and Bare Minerals and free pick and mix, popcorn and candy floss! There was also a goodie bag from House of Fraser, but we didn’t get there in time to collect this one before they’d all ran out! (I was too busy falling in love with the Urban Decay palette, oops!)

Sorry this post is so long! Congrats if you made it this far! Meadowhall’s events are so amazing I just have to cram every detail in and leave nothing out! 

Thanks for inviting me Meadowhall, I can’t wait for the next one! 

Thanks for reading lovelies, 

Don’t forget to like & follow,

Lots of love,



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