BH Cosmetics Foil Eyeshadow Palette Review! | ✨

Hey beauts! I hope you’re all well!

I wanted to review this palette for you all because I was looking at it for a while before I bought it and couldn’t seem to find that many reviews on it, so here goes!

I bought this palette from Beauty Bay, it has 28 shadows, all of which are shimmer shades. The palette is thin, and plastic, with a frosted plastic lid, although I don’t think it feels too cheap at all. It was, however, very inexpensive, at £13!

The palette caught my eye originally because… A. I’m obsessed with eyeshadow palettes, I promise this definitely isn’t my 20th or so…

And B. because I love bright eyeshadows, and creating colourful, unique looks with them.

I have the Morphe 35B, and the Morphe 35U is one I’ve always wanted, but ALWAYS seems to be out of stock, and I thought this one from BH Cosmetics was pretty similar.

First off, the shades are very buttery, the pigment is absolutely amazing, and is consistent throughout all of the shades. When they are blended, they do lose a little bit of pigment, but you can re-build it which is great, and also means you don’t risk adding too much at one time and not being able to blend it out!

I have also used them with a wet brush; sprayed with Mac Fix+, and the pigment intensifies even further. I love using this technique with foil shadows as I just feel it makes them so much more brighter and true to the colour in the pan.

The palette doesn’t smell of anything, there’s no strong chemical smell or anything off-putting.

I also think the colour range is great, I love the fact that there’s a lot of warm oranges and yellows, but also some vibrant blues and purples, and even a few dark and smokey colours for a glam smokey eye.

This is a look I created using the Morphe 35B, and this palette from BH Cosmetics. (Excuse the blurry-ness, it was a video I had to screenshot!)

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the quality of this palette, and I think at £13, it’s definitely a must have for anyone who’s looking to add a bit of colour to their collection but isn’t prepared to fork out a tonne of money!

I know for a fact I will definitely reach for it on a regular basis, I’ve got my eye especially on that beautiful teal blue/green in the middle of the palette, and I can’t wait to create some more gorgeous looks with it. Paired with the Morphe 35B, I think it’s a perfect match!

BH Cosmetics is a cruelty free brand. YAY.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post.

Please let me know down below if you’ve tried this palette, or want to, or if there’s anything else you think I should try!

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Lots of love always,



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