What I Got For My 21st Birthday – HUGE Clothing and Beauty Haul! ✨

Hey beautiful people!

Following on from my “Manchester look book” – check that out here if you missed it! As promised, here is my collective list of what I got for my 21st birthday, but also what I bought with money I was gifted for it too.

This will be a HUGE post. Grab a snack, a tea, 8 vodka shots, a bottle of prosecco, 17 puppies, whatever it is you need, and get stuck in!

So, as mentioned previously, for my 21st birthday I went to Manchester for the weekend with my boyfriend. We stayed at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel and it was absolutely incredible. The staff were so attentive and lovely, and it also had a spa. What more could you need?!

We stayed in a business class suite which was gorgeous and overlooked Manchester. When we arrived, we walked into the room and I soon noticed that my amazing boyfriend had arranged for a chocolate birthday cake, chocolate covered strawberries, and a bottle of prosecco to be delivered to our room. Already feeling like a princess here!

After having a little moment, mainly of me eating chocolate strawberries, we went out to get a little nibble before having dinner later, as it was about 3PM – so such an awkward time to be hungry! We found a little pub, which served food similar to Wetherspoon’s and had a little light bite. Then, we ventured back to the hotel and headed down to the spa.

I had no treatments booked, but with our hotel, the pool, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and gym was all included. We stayed in the spa for about an hour and half, although I could have stayed in the jacuzzi forever – SO RELAXING!

We headed back up to our room and began getting ready for our first night out, when my boyfriend presented me with my gifts for my birthday from him. My birthday was the next day, but he said; “I wasn’t sure how you wanted to do your make up tonight, so here you go” and handed me the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit (*screaming*), the Modern Renaissance palette, and a new ABH Contour Kit. These were not hints – I didn’t even know he knew who Anastasia was, so I was pretty blown away!



Needless to say, these are all jaw-dropping. Highly pigmented, great colour pay-off, and the perfect contour shades.

We then headed out to Don Giovanni; an Italian restaurant in the city. It was beautiful, and our waiter, Jake, was amazing!

The following day, it was my birthday and we headed for a day trip to the Trafford Centre for shopping (yay!). Before this, we went to our hotel restaurant for breakfast which was delicious. I over-indulged a little on breakfast this day, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, ever, and it was my birthday after all, so that makes it okay, right?! The next day I stuck to some natural yoghurt, and a lesser portion.

I bought a few things in the Trafford Centre, a few bits of make up, a thin distressed denim shirt from Topshop, which can also be worn un-done as a thin jacket, a mini faux leather skirt from River Island, along with a beautiful small cross-body bag, and a few bits from the Primark in Selfridges & Co. Along with two really pretty bras from Ann Summers, and some slim fit joggers from Victoria’s Secret.

Not to mention, a Too Faced Melted Chocolate Lipstick, in shade “Chocolate Cherries” which is absolutely gorgeous; a deep cherry red/brown. Apt. shade name! It smells just like chocolate and cherries too… like a black forest gateau or something! I bought some of the extremely sought after NYX face and body glitter, and glitter glue as well.

That night, we ventured to the Steak and Lobster, Manchester – which was actually part of our hotel. My boyfriend and I had never tried lobster before, so it was an experience! I settled for the surf-‘n’-turf, as I’m a big steak-lover. I have to say I did like the lobster, but I really didn’t like cracking it apart to get to the edible bits! My boyfriend, however, got well and truly stuck in.


After this, we headed to the hotel bar for a few cocktails; it was my birthday after all!

The next day, it was unfortunately time to come home. I would go back there in a heartbeat, though – the staff were wonderful, the hotel was beautiful, and I love Manchester anyway!

Upon arriving home, I had all of my presents to open from my friends, and I was well and truly spoilt! My best friend got me a Jeffree Star SkinFrost to add to my collection; in the shade Lavender Snow. On top of this, she also got me the Urban Decay AfterDark Eyeshadow palette, which consists of all shimmer shades. They’re absolutely beautiful, so buttery and smooth, and work SO well with the Jeffree Star Androgyny palette!

My other two besties got me some goodies too. One got me a Yo Sushi! voucher, knowing how much I love sushi. As well as a little friends-forever bracelet, which is super cute as she is my oldest friend, and it’s the sort of thing we used to give each other when we were little, so to receive one for my 21st was sort of marking the era! My other bestie got me a MAC voucher, and a 21st birthday me-to-you teddy as I have collected these since I was little! She also got me some wine, as I am well and truly a wine-lover.


I was greeted by yet ANOTHER chocolate cake (of course I wasn’t complaining, my jeans however, by this time probably were…) and my boyfriend’s parents had got me a personalised wine glass, with a bottle of PINK bubbly! How lovely and fitting!


Then, being FURTHER spoilt, I received a Jouer liquid lipstick, in shade “dulce de leche” ; a beautiful light candy-pink shade that reminds me a lot of the Kylie Lipkit Koko K, but much comfier to wear. Along with this, was a Charlotte Tilbury make-up bag, and a birthday card that described my day so well!


I then went out to celebrate turning 21 with my besties and had a few cocktails and danced the night away!

I was also gifted money for my birthday, of which I had a spending spree of course! I took some of this to Manchester with me, so it was what I used to go shopping in the Trafford Centre with, and also paid my way for a few more cocktails! However, I did order a few things online, so here they are:

Firstly, I topped up on my beloved Protein World Slenderblend range. I love this range so much, it’s a perfect replenishment for when I’ve finished at the gym, and it contains a bunch of minerals and vitamins that means anything lost through sweat after a gruelling workout gets replaced, as well as replenishing your muscles with its high protein content! I got flavour strawberry, as it’s one of my favourite flavours. I also purchased the new collagen powder too, because it helps so much with recovery, and it’s also so good for skin and hair, so why not! Mixing these two together (I use water), tastes like a summer berry smoothie!

IMG_8658 2

Next, I bought a few things from Superdrug, the NYX glitters I got from the Trafford Centre are also in this photo with regards to it being all drugstore items. I purchased a NYX bronzer too. I got two of the Maybelline Fit Me concealers after hearing so many good things about them, and being in dyer need of a new concealer for so long. I also ordered the Freedom Brow Pomade, purely because it’s SO cheap, and the reviews are so good, I wanted to give it a shot! I got a re-stock on a Vita-Baby body scrub too, as I just think these are gorgeous and work so well at deeply exfoliating your skin and removing fake tan too! The one I get is enriched with coconut oil, and raw sugar, leaving your skin super smooth.


Next, a huge clothing haul! I ordered a few things from MissPap;

I got the gorgeous Daria Red Lace Bodysuit. It’s absolutely gorgeous, so vibrant and a nice, thick sturdy material. I can’t wait to pair this with some high-waist jeans and some red stilettos for a night out!

I also got a basic stone coloured midi skirt. It looks mini on the picture because it’s folded! It is the Octavia Stone Basic Midi Skirt, and is only £4 in the sale at the moment!

The red mini skirt with the lace front is one of my favourite pieces of clothing I own. I own this in grey, as you may have seen from my Manchester Look Book post. Upon seeing it in red, I just KNEW I had to get it! It’s the Miranda Wine Lace Up Suede Mini Skirt, and is in the sale right now too!

Then, to finish my mini MissPap haul, I got some charcoal grey ripped skinnies, and some fishnets to wear under them, as fishnets are huge right now and I love the trend!

Jeans – Becca Charcoal Grey Large Rip Skinny Jeans

I then ordered a few things from Boohoo; not your typical Boohoo order, as everything I ordered was from the men’s section… I ordered three tops;

The first one is a tight black short sleeve hoodie. I got this in an XS, I’m usually a UK size 10 on top, and this fits perfectly. I just love that it’s super simple and easy to style. I bought a simple grey crew neck sweatshirt as well.

Finally, my favourite piece out of them all is this dusky pink distressed t-shirt. I got this in a size small and it fits fine. It’s so cute and stylish, and super comfy. I paired it with black extreme ripped jeans, and got a few compliments when I wore it out, too!

So if you’re ever lost for inspiration, get looking at the men’s section!

Lastly, with my MAC voucher that I was gifted by one of my besties, I bought a MAC Pigment in the shade Chartreuse, because I’m obsessed with the colour green, and I also have brown eyes, so green works well with them. I got the Soft Ochre ProLongwear Paint Pot, too, to use as an eyeshadow base.


I *think* this is everything! If you’ve made it this far, a huge well done, this is one of my biggest posts, but you’re not 21 everyday are you?!

A huge thank you to my friends, family and parents for making my birthday so special, and being so generous with their gifts to me! 

Thank you so much for reading,

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