How I Keep My Blonde Hair Maintained & Healthy | ✨

Hey beauts! Hope you’re all doing as fab as everrrrrr!

Today I thought I’d share with you how I keep my bright blonde hair healthy and maintain the colour. 

Firstly, my hair is very bright, vibrant blonde. I have been blonde for a number of years, previously dying it dark brown twice (and regretting it(!)). My natural hair colour went from dark when I was really little, to a dark blonde around the age of 7/8, and then stayed at that colour. By dark blonde, I mean a base of around an 8 in shade.

I have had my roots bleached in the past, I’ve had bleach highlights, the works! But, I’ve always made it a point of keeping my hair as healthy as it can be. This is my hair colour now (freshly washed, as that always makes a huge difference with blonde hair, I find!):


I’ve always worn hair extensions, since the age of around 15. I wear clip ins, and last year had a huge chunk cut off of my real, mid-back length hair, as it was looking wispy, this was nothing to do with my extensions, though. It was cut to above the shoulder, basically a long bob, and now is back at mid-back, bra length! So I’m super happy about that, however, I still do wear my hair extensions. Primarily for thickness and volume, and habit makes me feel almost bald without them!

You can pretty much see my real hair in that photo above, clearly my extensions needed a good brush(!)

However, here are some photos of my real hair: 

NOTE: I have worn clip ins since the age of 15, I have never experienced problems with hair growth with them, nor have I experienced breakage of my natural hair. My hair has never suffered at the hands of my extensions! 

Onto products and details…

So, to maintain my colour, I use Lee Stafford’s “Bleach Blonde” shampoo, as I’ve found out, through various trial and errors, that this is the most effective shampoo for brightening platinum blonde hair. I don’t need to leave it on for ages, I don’t need to put it on dry hair, I don’t need to do any gimmicky things to get it to work better, as I have done previous purple shampoos. I just put it on, wash it out; done. I have found that this brightens my hair just as a toner in the hairdressers does; it’s honestly fab, and I put this down to maintaining my bright blonde colour. I use this once a week. I only use the shampoo, not the conditioner, as I don’t feel it gives me enough nourishment for my hair.


From what I can gather from his website, Lee Stafford’s brand is cruelty free.

I wash my hair twice a week, so the other time I wash my hair, I swear by Aussie. Honestly, any Aussie will do the job just nicely, but recently I’ve been using the “Colour Mate” shampoo and conditioner. After washing my hair with the Lee Stafford “Bleach Blonde” shampoo, I use Aussie’s “Colour Mate” conditioner too.

I just really wish Aussie was cruelty free, as their products are incredible and I use so many of them!

Also, once out of the two times that I wash my hair each week, I’ll use a hair mask after shampooing, and because of this, skip conditioning, as my mask deep conditions my hair for me. I usually leave the mask on for as long as possible, sometimes an hour or two, sometimes 20 minutes, it really depends, but I make sure I definitely do one, I feel it’s crucial for bright blondes especially.

I have two brands of masks that I love at the minute; Shea Moisture, and “HASK“. “HASK” masks are my favourite. They make my hair so nice and soft, shiny and thicker than before I washed it! They’re free of sulphates, parabens and alcohol too! HASK are cruelty free.


Every single day without fail, I use Aussie’s spray-in leave in conditioner. The one that I use is the “Miracle Recharge Take The Heat Lightweight Conditioning Spray“. This was recommended to me by a friend, who has insanely long, amazing blonde hair, and since I tried it just the once I’ve been hooked. I use it on wet hair out of the shower, and also dry hair, especially when I put it up in a messy bun.

I do use more than just this heat protectant when I use heat on my hair, but it works fab at keeping my hair soft, fresh and conditioned. Also, it doesn’t make my hair feel greasy at all, which is amazing for a leave in conditioner; I feel I could spray about half a bottle and my hair would still be fine once it had dried.

There are other versions of this leave in conditioner; all tying in with Aussie’s hair care range.


As I only wash my hair twice a week – because I want to put as less stress on my hair as possible to encourage growth, but also because I’m lazy and it doesn’t need washing daily anymore – there will be a day when it “needs washing” but “wash day” will be the next day, so I am a dry shampoo fan. I previously used to hate dry shampoo, but, I previously used to wash my hair daily, so I had no need for it.

Every time I come home from the gym, I spray dry shampoo into my roots and just massage it all through. It helps at making my hair feel fresh and clean. The one that I love is the Batiste “Nourish & Enrich” dry shampoo. This one has oils in to help nourish your hair even further.


As mentioned earlier, if I do style my hair, I use an added heat protect on top of the conditioning spray. The ones that I use consistently at the moment are the L’Oreal Studio Line “Hot & Big” and “Hot & Straight” heat protectants. I originally bought these way back because they went really cheap at Superdrug as they were old packaging. As they were so cheap I bought a few, but since using them for months I have come to realise that they’re actually pretty fab. I usually buy whatever is on offer and has good reviews, styling wise!

I don’t style my hair all the time, I hardly ever blow-dry it, unless I’m in a rush, and I probably straighten it 1/2 a week. That’s only if I feel like it or am going somewhere where I would like to have my hair fancy! Most of the time, between work, the gym and bed, I wear it up in a messy bun!

I do think that my extensions definitely prevent me from constantly using heat on it though, as I can just clip them in, ready-styled, and go. The extensions I use are from Beauty Works.

Sometimes, I use a hair oil on the ends of my hair, but it isn’t an absolute “staple” or a “must” of my haircare routine.

Lastly, when I brush my hair, I use a Tangle Teezer, as I feel it’s just less stress on my hair! They’re a little expensive for a hairbrush, but I honestly think they’re worth it; I wouldn’t be without mine now!

I also only use hairspray when it’s either freshly washed and won’t do anything as it’s too soft, or when it needs washing and I’m wearing it down – can’t have those extension clips on show!

The hairspray I have been using recently is the L’Oreal Studio Pro Lock-It Fixing Hairspray as I think it’s really good, and does exactly what it says on the tin!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful! 

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Lots of love,



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