Goddess Nutrition Brand Review!|✨

Hey lovelies! I hope you’re all doing fab! 

Today I’m here to talk about a fitness brand; Goddess Nutrition. They sell supplements, accessories, and soon, sportswear!

Goddess Nutrition acknowledge that men and women’s bodies work in different ways, and that us women require a different balance of vitamins and nutrients to get optimal results from our fitness routines. All of their products are created in the UK, for women, and have both GMP and Isoqar certificates. 

I had seen this company about on Instagram a few times, and their bright pink packaging definitely caught my eye, so when they contacted me to try and review some of their stuff, I was over the moon!

*Not a sponsored post, not paid; the products were sent to by Goddess Nutrition, which I am extremely grateful for, but my opinions will remain my own throughout my review.*

Okay, so onto the products.

They kindly sent me a whole bunch of things from their collections, so a big thank you to them is in order first and foremost!

They asked me what I would like to try, and after I told them that I do weight-training and intense cardio, they recommended me some things.

I received;

  • A full size tub of their BCAA Boost in flavour “Blue Slush”
  • Two sachets of their “Complete Recovery Lean Protein” powder, in flavour “Vanilla Milkshake”
  • Two sachets of their “Complete Recovery Lean Protein” powder, in flavour “Strawberries & Cream”
  • Two sachets of their “Complete Slimming Meal Replacement” powder, in flavour “Raspberry Cheesecake”
  • A Goddess Nutrition Shaker (which is literally everything you could ever want, it’s pink…)


The first thing I tried was the Raspberry Cheesecake Complete Slimming Meal Replacement, and I instantly loved it. I don’t use meal replacements as “meal replacements”, but in conjunction with another low-calorie, low-fat snack/meal to contribute towards a main meal, normally lunch.

Despite this, I can definitely say they do keep you full. The Raspberry Cheesecake one is one I’d recommend because it quite literally tastes like cheesecake, it’s delicious! I prefer my shakes to be quite thick, so I mixed it with the minimum that the instructions recommended; 200ml. I had no problems with the powder clumping, it all dissolved pretty easily, the shake was thick, probably more so due to my preference of minimal water, but it was a nice shake to drink and did its job of filling me up until my next meal.

The shake, when mixed with water, contains:-

  • 104 Calories.
  • 12.6g Protein.
  • 10.8g Carbs.
  • 2.8g Sugars.
  • 1.2g Total Fat.
  • 0.36g Saturated Fat.

The Complete Slimming Meal Replacement ingredients are: –

Milk Protein Concentrate [80% Casein 20% Whey], Soya Protein Isolate, Oat Flour, Whey Protein Isolate [Milk], Maltodextrin, Milk Protein, Inulin, Vitamin and Mineral Blend, Coconut Water Powder, Hoodia Extract, Raspberry Ketones, Spirulina Powder, Flaxseed Extract, L-Carnatine, Green Tea Extract, Flavourings, Colourings, Xanthum Gum, Sweetener: Sucralose

Their website includes more information about the primary ingredients for this shake, you can find them here. There are other flavours available too.

They are gluten free, and suitable for Vegetarians!

Next, onto the BCAAs.

First off, can we just have a minute and talk about the flavour. Blue Slush. AMAZING?! 

They taste incredible too, like an actual blue slushy. I love it because it’s so refreshing, it satisfies my (new) sweet tooth (I never had a sweet tooth until recently…) and wakes me up before my workout!

It also turns bright BLUE when you mix it with water, which I am obsessed with.


There are other flavours available too, but because I am a big kid, and I love slushies, I obviously opted for the Blue Slush flavour.

BCAA’s (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) can be consumed at any time of the day, but many people like to put them into their pre-workout drink, or sip them whilst they are working out. Their primary benefits are that they’re absorbed quickly, give immediate energy, meaning you can workout for longer, and prevent your body from breaking down your muscles instead of fat, which is perfect if you do fasted cardio. On top of this, they’re great for muscle recovery too.  

The Goddess Nutrition BCAA Boost comes in a 240g tub, providing 30+ servings for £14.99, which is an amazing deal, in all honesty.

Previous to trying Goddess Nutrition, I hadn’t tried BCAA’s. I knew what they were, and I had looked into taking them, but believed I didn’t need them and just continued to go on as I do! The first time I tried the BCAA Boost from Goddess Nutrition I saw exactly why everyone else uses them and wondered why I was so late to the party! I took it before my workout, which is what I have continued to do since, as it gave me such a good buzz and then after my workout had finished, I felt I could just go on and do more and more.

Although I don’t take it for every workout I do at the gym (I workout between 4-6 days a week), I do think it really helps in giving an extra boost when I need it, so for that I would DEFINITELY recommend!

Their formula contains the three main BCAA’s: L-Glutamine (crucial for a lot of stuff, but mainly helps your body to not use your muscles for energy – i.e. making you use your fat storage instead), Arginine (helps breakdown proteins and in repairing tissue) and Vitamin B6 (highly beneficial for women in particular, boosts the immune system and helps with hormones around the menstrual cycle too), in the preferred ratio of 2:1:1. 

You can find the full list of ingredients on their website, here.

Finally, their Complete Recovery Lean Protein.

The price point for this protein is £29.99 for a 1kg tub, which gives you 30+ servings. It is a little less pricey than some other protein brands out there, and on par with some others. Overall, a pretty good deal.

Honestly, I think these protein shakes taste freakin’ bomb. I have the flavours strawberries and cream, and vanilla milkshake, and vanilla milkshake is definitely my favourite; it tastes of LITERAL vanilla ice cream. Lush.

I mix my protein with water, to make a super nutritious but low calorie after-gym replenishing shake!

This protein powder is great for lean muscle maintenance because it’s low in calories and total fat. Ultimately, it makes it perfect if you’re watching your fat percentage/overall weight but need to refuel your muscles.

It’s recommended that you use protein shakes within 60 minutes after your workout to obtain maximum benefits!

The full nutritional list when made as recommended (30g scoop/200ml water) is as follows: –

  • 110 Calories.
  • 23g Protein.
  • 4.5g Carbs.
  • 1g Sugar.
  • 0.3g Total Fat.
  • 0.1g Saturated Fat.

Whey Protein Isolate is the main ingredient in the Goddess Nutrition Complete Recovery Protein shakes, which contains over 90% protein by weight, and is absorbed rapidly into the body.

For a full list of ingredients, you can check the Complete Recovery Shakes on their website, here.

Overall, I think Goddess Nutrition are an amazing brand with some great products. It’s refreshing to see a fitness brand who acknowledges that a lot of us girlies like to lift some heavy weights, and focus on our recovery, strength and goals!

I think their products are also very reasonably priced. I use a lot of Protein World’s supplements too, which I always thought were well priced, and they’re of a similar cost.

10/10 would definitely recommend them to everyone and anyone; whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or are a fully fledged athlete! Give them a go girlies!

Visit their website and have a browse: www.goddessnutrition.com !

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post! 

Massive thank you to Goddess Nutrition for sending me these goodies, those BCAA’s will definitely be my go-to for a long while now I think! 

Let me know if you’re planning on trying any of these products, or want to, in the comments section below! 

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Love always,






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