Bondi Sands Ultra Dark VS. Skinny Tan Ultimate Dark | ✨

Hi lovelies! I hope you’re all doing fab. 

I thought I’d share a little bit with you about some new fake tans today, because who doesn’t love a good faux tan? 

It’s that time of year – or if, like me, ALL YEAR ROUND – where everyone is dreaming of a good tan. It’s getting toward summer (ish) and the idea of baring our lily-white legs to the entire world when we pull on our day dresses and skirts is just too much. So what do we need? A perfect fake tan, of course!

Now, I’ve raved about both of these brands for a while; Bondi Sands and Skinny Tan are my go-to mousses. The colour pay off is so natural but also deep and dark enough to keep me happy, and I like my tan pretty dark. So obviously, when they both announced their “ultimate dark” range, I was over the moon, and had to try them – both!


Firstly, the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark mousse/foam:

This mousse is cheaper than the Skinny Tan, coming in at £17.99 for 200ml. This is a decent sized bottle and will last you a good 5 weeks at least.

I tried this mousse first before the Skinny Tan Ultimate Dark, as I loved Bondi Sands before I discovered Skinny Tan, and thought I’d give it a go.

I got home, exfoliated, got my mitt ready (I used the Skinny Tan Dual Sided mitt because it’s super soft and machine washable!), and squirted some of the mousse onto the mitt. I applied the tan all over my body as usual. There was the typical, lovely Bondi Sands tropical smell, and although the guide base colour wasn’t that dark, I had my hopes up.

I chucked on a baggy top and went to bed.

I woke up the next day, and was disappointed, as I was pretty much the same colour as if I’d have used a light tan. It wasn’t a terrible tan, it was of good quality, non sticky, nice application; everything I’d expected from it, with experience of using Bondi Sands in the past, it just wasn’t very dark, at all.

Again, this is my personal opinion, but as an avid tanner, I would prefer something ultra dark, and this isn’t. If you are used to light tans, you’d probably absolutely love this.

One thing I will say about the tan, however, is that it does last longer than their dark mousse. I could keep it on for about 7 days before having to give it a good scrub and wash off, whereas usually I have to do this around 4/5 days. I go to the gym 4/5 days a week, and it managed to withstand that, too.

If this product was marketed as a light/medium coloured long wearing tan, I would be happy with it. I am happy with it, but it is definitely not “Ultra Dark”, which is a shame because I love Bondi Sands and their tans. I’m hoping that they come out with an Ultra Dark X2, which is actually super dark.

Again, I love Bondi Sands, and will still religiously use their dark mousse and lotions. I will also finish this bottle of “Ultra Dark”, but for me, it just isn’t the colour pay-off I had hoped for.

Onto the Skinny Tan Ultimate Dark:


After the Bondi Sands slightly disappointed me, I had apprehensions about purchasing this product, but it was on offer; “buy one get second half price” at Superdrug, so I just thought I’d try it.

Hoping for the best, I exfoliated, got my mitt ready, squirted some of the mousse onto it and applied all over my body as per usual. Skinny Tan smells lovely, as does the Bondi Sands. The guide colour on this tan is noticeably darker than the Bondi Sands, and darker than the original Skinny Tan Mousse. Upon noticing this, I was pretty pleased. I then went to bed.

Below is a picture of the tan still developing.


I woke up the next day and was pretty dark. Like two layers of a medium/dark tan, dark. Which is basically what the mousse is meant to be. It was and is definitely darker than the original Skinny Tan mousse, I haven’t tried the Skinny Tan “Dark” mousse, but I feel this Ultimate Dark, is a shade darker than the average “dark tan”.

Maybe because I tan consistently, I wasn’t blown away by the colour. I think in my head I was expecting to wake up and be the darkest possible, so I had originally set myself up for failure. However, the Skinny Tan Ultimate Dark tan was a beautiful, rich but natural colour, and I did love how it turned out.

Again, like the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark, it lasts a lot longer than usual tans; about a week can go by and then I’ll have to really sit and scrub my skin, and re-apply, whereas “normal” tans, I have to do this around 4 days in.

I have to say that both tans do wear evenly, and wear OFF evenly too. You don’t end up too patchy, and the colour looks natural at all times.

Skinny Tan Ultimate Dark is a hefty £25.99 for 150ml. This is an expensive tan, and value for money wise, you do get a better deal with the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark, however, you get a better colour with the Skinny Tan Ultimate Dark.

Personally, I would say that if you’re used to light/medium tans, you would love the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark, but if, like me, you’re an avid tan addict, I would recommend the Skinny Tan Ultimate Dark over the Bondi Sands, purely because the colour is just that much deeper.

A good point to note about both of these brands though, is that they are both cruelty free.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post!

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