Top Tips for Oily Skin! ✨

Hey lovelies! I hope you’re all doing amazing!

Today I wanted to share with you some little tips that I have for oily skin.

When I say my skin is oily, I mean my skin is oily, and I know, as much as anybody, the damn daily STRUGGLE!

So hopefully, a few of these tips will help all of you lovelies out there who, like me, have oil for days.

  • My number 1 biggest tip is that if you can cope with oily skin overnight; opt for the most nourishing, hydrating night cream you can find. I use Superdrug’s Vitamin E Night Cream religiously. It’s recommended for normal/dry skin, but I found that their vitamin E formula works miracles on my skin. If you are an oily skin sufferer and suffer with breakouts too; the double damned whammy – definitely try this tip. A common reason for spots is dehydration, and whilst drinking a tonne of water really does help, a rich, thick moisturiser puts the moisture directly onto the skin for it to absorb. Obviously, on top of oily skin, it feels a little horrible and wet for about 5 minutes until it has all soaked in, but in the morning your skin will be super smooth. I instantly notice a change in my blemishes when I use this! I really recommend the Superdrug Vitamin E range; it’s unbelievably cheap, cruelty free and so good, the reviews on the website vouch for it even further! Check it out here



  • Number 2; moving on from deep moisturising – NEVER leave your skin without moisturiser because it’s “oily anyway” (or for any other reason, to be honest). LISTEN, the more moisture you put into your skin, the less oil your skin will produce. Moisturising your skin tricks your skin into thinking it’s already produced oil, so therefore it doesn’t produce a lot more. For oily skin sufferers like myself, this step is crucial, especially because I know how easy it is to just think; “why do I need moisturiser, my skin’s already oily?”
  • Number 3; exfoliate, a lot. I know this sounds basic, but with oily skin, there is more oil lay in your pores. Oily skin is NOT dirty, in fact, because it is problematic, most oily skin sufferers are very hygienic towards their skin, but it obviously produces more oil. This oil will eventually clog your pores, and produce spots! The best thing to do is nip it in the bud and exfoliate around 3/4 times a week. I also love the feeling of my skin after I’ve exfoliated, I feel as though it’s the only time it doesn’t feel oily!
  • Next tip – make-up wearers, this ones for you. Invest in a smoothing, mattifying primer and make sure to pat it into your face, rather than smooth it all over. It’ll help the product settle better into your skin, and also rubbing products into your face helps the bacteria to spread around. In some cases, and with some products, this is the inevitable and happens anyway, but it’s best to prevent it as much as possible, especially if you have acne prone oily skin! Concentrate on the areas that are most oily, and make sure there is sufficient coverage here, to ensure your make-up lasts as long as your oily skin will let it!
  • My next crucial tip is to – BAKE YOUR OILY AREAS. So, after you’re done with your oil-free, mattifying primer, your (hopefully) oil-free foundation and concealer, you’re left with your setting powder. Set your face as usual, and then use a damp beauty blender (or sponge alike) and dip it into your loose setting powder; grab a hefty amount on that sponge and dab it onto the areas of your face where you suffer with most oil. DON’T WIPE IT AWAY. Just leave it there as you continue with the rest of your make-up, or do whatever it is you would like (mindful of the fact you are covered in white powder, and you don’t want to scare people...), and then brush it off after about 5-10 minutes; you can brush it off sooner, if you would like a less-sharp line, but I would recommend at least 3 minutes. Not only does this make your contour and eyeshadow blend lines sharper, BUT for us oily skin people – it helps literally bake the product into our skin meaning it holds longer. This is honestly a tip I use constantly, it works so well for my oily skin, and really helps at keeping my makeup on for longer, so I definitely recommend trying it! I also use a setting spray when I go full-beat on my make-up, as I find this helps so well, too.
  • Do not touch your face. Even if you feel like you’re oily, or that your oil is gradually making its way through the mound of foundation and powder, resist touching your face. Not only does touching your face ruin your make-up, but it also adds more bacteria to your face, and gives you more reason to keep touching it. If you struggle, I recommend blotting papers to remove that excess-oil feeling, or a product-free powder brush to just pat across your face. If you do this though, be sure to wash it on the regular!
  • Invest in skincare products that contain charcoal or seaweed. These two products are a god-send for oily skin! They really help to dry out blemishes, and keep oils at bay as much as humanely possible. The seaweed range from The Body Shop is something I’d definitely recommend checking out. Plus, The Body Shop is cruelty free!



  • Most of all, don’t worry about it! We are human and skin is skin, everybody’s skin produces oil, just in different quantities. We ALL have things that we’d love to swap about ourselves, and would be unhappy still if we got exactly what we wanted! It’s human nature to strive for different. And do you know what stress and worrying causes? Spots.

Thanks for reading lovelies! I hope you enjoyed this post.

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Lots of love,



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