6 DIY Father’s Day Gifts 2017 | ✨

Hey loves! 

Today; something a little different… 

In the UK, (and the USA, so I believe?) Father’s Day is the third Sunday in June. For 2017, that means it’s the 18th this year!

Getting a gift for your dad can be pretty difficult, and as a student, I understand that money isn’t always on hand. No matter how much you want to treat your parents, sometimes your funds only allow a small gift, when they deserve an island! Or, you may have forgotten all about Father’s Day and now have limited time to do anything… I’m not here to judge…

Nevertheless, here are some meaningful gifts you can make for your dad this Father’s Day!

  • “Reasons Dad is My Hero” Notes. 

These are perfect if you’re a bit of a Daddy’s girl, like me. The idea is that you write reasons why your dad has been your hero over the years, onto blank pieces of paper, put them each into separate envelopes, and then either bunch them together so he can read them all at once, or give them scattered, for example, one with his morning cuppa!

  • Framed Picture.

Chances are, there are some pictures lying around of you when you was a little munchkin, and your dad who looks more tired than anything else but is clearly enjoying your company. These photos are priceless and should be cherished; present one to your dad as a meaningful gift in a homemade photo frame. Frames are pretty easy to make, you can either use wood, twigs, cardboard and tape, all sorts! If you have some alphabet fridge magnets handy, you can even personalise it further.

You can also use this technique with paintings.

  • Family Meal.

You don’t have to be a 5* chef to be able to cook a nice meal for your dad for Father’s Day. Cook his favourite food, and have a sit down meal with him at home.

  • Father’s Day Tokens.

Create some little tokens that say things such as “entitled to be presented with cold beer from the fridge” or “entitled to be remote control holder all day” and let him use them on Father’s Day. This is especially good if your house is particularly busy usually!

  • Home-Made Basket of Goodies. 

Get your oven mitts on, bake some sweet treats and present them in a hamper (or anything you have on hand that might be fitting!) for a meaningful, sweet gift!

And lastly,

  • Card Making.

Obviously we all know how to hand-make a card, it’s pretty much all we did in our nursery days, right? Hopefully as a young adult, our card making skills have improved slightly…

Thanks for reading lovelies! I hope you enjoyed this post, and it was helpful to some of you!

Let me know if you try any of these things!

Lots of love,







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