Lick and Lash Beauty Glitter Eyeshadow Palette!| ✨

Hey loves! Hope you’re doing fab!

SO Lick and Lash are a UK brand that are growing in popularity due to their amazing makeup products, including their Morphe dupes which are basically just Morphe palettes with Lick and Lash on instead. Amazing.

I have their 35O and 35OS and they’re incredible, they’re definitely a company close to my heart; they’re lovely!

But recently, they changed the game completely and released a GLITTER EYESHADOW PALETTE. YEP. A PRESSED GLITTER EYESHADOW PALETTE. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL.


This is speaking to my inner 6 year old pouring glitter all over my bedroom floor. Beauty queen through and through.

So naturally, I immediately bought it. It was £22.99 and contains 15 pressed creamy glitter eyeshadows. I think this is an amazing price, especially considering when you start looking around for pressed glitter shadows, they really aren’t cheap. I’ve been wanting to try some for a while, but the price has always put me off, so Lick and Lash released this at the perfect time for me.

The shadows are creamy, and probably work best applied with your finger. However, I have talons for nails and so I apply them with a flat eyeshadow synthetic brush, and just scoop a little of the shadow onto the brush and spread out onto my lid.


I will say that they transfer due to the glitter. I used a glitter primer from NYX and they stayed amazingly on my lid all night, but they did transfer slightly to above my lid. A way to stop this would be using lash glue as a primer instead of a glitter primer like I did. This is something I’m going to try next time I use them.

There’s nothing much to say except that they are incredible and I’m in love. I can’t stop admiring it, I want to bathe in it, have you seen it?!

It makes adding glitter to any eyeshadow look so easy, transforming it completely.

The amount of shadows you get for the price is great, the formula is comfy to wear and it doesn’t get everywhere when you’re applying them, they’re easily removed, and they’re glitter… what more could a gal want?

Find Lick and Lash, and the glitter palette, here.

Lick and Lash are cruelty free.

*NOT sponsored, I just really love the brand.* 

Thanks for reading lovelies! I hope you found this helpful and interesting at least!

Let me know if you try the Lick and Lash glitter palette, or anything else from them, they’re my go-to for affordable palettes!

Lots of love always,



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