L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation | ✨

Hey my lovelies! Hope you’re all feeling fab!

Something I wanted to try for a while ever since it hit the American beauty market was L’Oreal’s Total Cover Foundation. We’ve all seen the advert of it supposedly being able to cover spots, redness, tattoos, your whole life worth of mistakes… and so on…

So when it came to my local Superdrug I was looking forward to giving it a go, but obviously my shade wasn’t available, so after making a quick order on Superdrug.com, I anticipated the arrival of this full coverage beauty.

One thing I will say about the shade ranges before I even get into the review is they are mostly ALL extremely pink toned. I literally think there is around 4 shades in the UK’s range that probably aren’t that pink toned… I aimed for the lesser pink-toned ones, and even one of them is pretty pink. This is something to keep in mind if you’re thinking of trying this foundation, because it’s a massive pain when you buy the wrong shade and can completely put you off the foundation all together.

Unfortunately, at the minute it seems America has a much greater shade range in this foundation than the UK.

Anyway, the shades I bought were “22 Radiant Beige” and “24 Golden Beige”. Golden Beige is the most pink on my skin, strangely enough.


I bought two shades because I wanted one for when I’m super tanned and one for when my fake tan has faded a little, as I always seem to have my decent foundations matched to my fake tan, and not when it’s a little lighter.

I was hopeful that this foundation was going to replace my daily use of Urban Decay’s All Nighter, taking into consideration the full coverage claims on the adverts.

The foundation is definitely full coverage, but it is more of a mousse-like texture than a liquid. This is something I’m not used to, but once I got used to it I didn’t hate it. One thing to note though is that the foundation dries SO quickly; if you’re one of those people who dots foundation over their face and then blends it in, you’ll have to resort to doing one side of your face at a time, because when you get to the other side, it’ll be dry and harder to blend out. Or settle for wetting your beauty blender a little more than usual.


In general, I think because of the mousse-like texture, the foundation is hard work to blend out. I always find it goes quite blotchy and uneven very easily.

I use a beauty blender to apply my foundation, and have done for as long as I can remember now, it’s my favourite way of applying foundation and I can’t see myself changing any time soon!

I do think it can look cake-y very easily too, which again is something to keep in mind, especially if you set your foundations, like me, it can sometimes look a little too much.

It is long-lasting however, I did get a good day’s wear out of it!

And I think it works well with oily skin. It’s pretty matte, and would cling to dry patches.

I have enjoyed trying out the foundation, and whilst it’s not my favourite ever, it’s pretty good and I’ll continue to get use out of it. I hoped to enjoy it a lot more than I did, but overall it was pretty great once I’d got used to the thicker, mousse-like texture!

L’Oreal make some amazing foundations, and definitely give the tester at Superdrug a good try before you buy! My favourite L’Oreal foundation is True Match, which I have recently just re-discovered and have a great love for! You can read the post about that here.

L’oreal’s Total Cover Foundation comes in at £9.99, and is available here.

Thanks for reading lovelies! I hope you found this post helpful! Let me know if you’ve tried Total Cover, and what you thought if so!

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