Fenty Beauty| ✨ Foundation & Trophy Wife Highlighter Review!| ✨

Hey my loves! Hope you’re all doing fab. 

As ever, I’ve been absent from my blog due to other pressing responsibilities in my life at the moment… ahem, university(!)… 

I will try to be back as much as possible, but 3rd year is a lil’ crazy, yanno? 

Anyway, you obviously came here for the review on Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, so let’s get into it!

I was on holiday when I saw that Rihanna had released her own makeup line, and what the contents of said line were. I was pretty interested; Rihanna always looks incred, why would I not want to buy her makeup line?

Then, as though I really needed anything else to push me into buying new makeup, I saw the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in shade Trophy Wife. OOOOOOOOH looooooooooooord. If you know me you know I LOVE me a good highlight, so upon seeing this, that was it, I was immediately going to buy some Fenty Beauty products as soon as a touched down in the UK… and obviously slept off my tedious jet lag. Bore.

After watching tonnes of YouTube reviews to determine my exact shade, I decided on ordering the foundation, and of course, the Trophy Wife highlighter.

I ordered the foundation in shade 300, which is the lightest of the ‘tan’ shades. It’s a pretty good match so I’m quite pleased with myself for managing that over the internet.

If you’re unaware, the only place to buy Fenty Beauty at the minute in the UK is via Harvey Nichols, which is where I purchased my products from.

The delivery was quick and my products came well-packaged.

Instantly I fell in love with the highlighter, as predicted.

The box that both products come in have RiRi’s “good girl gone bad” kinda vibes to them, and then you open them up and the sleek-looking products come out.

The compact for the highlighter has a duo chrome effect, from white to a purple-y sheen. It has a mirror inside the compact, with “FENTY BEAUTY” printed underneath the mirror in gold, as well as on the top of the compact, in gold too.

It’s a gorgeous, warm yellow gold. Although this type of colour is aimed at more warmer skin tones, I do believe that it would look beautiful on fairer skin tones too, but obviously  a little less subtle.

It is kind of a glittery highlight, but this isn’t something I mind. It is also more of a glow-glitter, rather than chunky glitter. This is crucial information because, let’s face it, no one likes chunky glitter in a highlight, no one.

It’s soft in the pan, and extremely pigmented.

You get 8g of product, for £26. For a high-end highlighter, it’s pretty fair priced. In comparison, each individual pan in the ABH Glow Kits have 7.4g of product, and the notoriously huge pans of Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ Skin Frosts have 15g of product.

Onto the foundation,

The Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, as you’ve probably seen all over the internet, comes in an incredible 40 shades; each broken up into 10 for each “skin type”. For example, there is 10 shades for “light skin”, 10 for “medium”, 10 for “tan” and 10 for “deep”. Firstly, let’s all congratulate Rihanna on the ability to acknowledge that there are more than just 8 skin tones and shades out there, and for actually releasing a shade range that will accommodate a LOT of people, something that other brands lack completely sometimes!

Now, the foundation itself comes in a frosted bottle and feels heavy and luxurious. It has a white cap, with “FENTY BEAUTY” printed in white down the front of the bottle, and “shake well” on the back. It’s simple, as with the highlighter, but classy and feels expensive, which is nice.

The formula of the foundation is quite runny initially, but it dries really quick, so you have to apply it in sections of your face at a time.

Upon first try, I used a damp, brand new beauty blender to apply the foundation, and I feel it soaked up the product a little, so I switched back to my other (dirtier), older blending sponge, and it applied a lot better.

It’s a medium coverage foundation but I could easily build it to become full coverage. The finish is definitely matte, but it’s not matte to the point where your skin looks dull and flat, there is still some sort of “aliveness” and radiance to it.

For someone who has oily skin, this foundation lasted pretty well without any touch ups for a good five-six hours, four of which were during an evening lecture at uni.

Natural oils (if you have oily skin) definitely do come through the foundation, but not so much that it ruins it, more that it gives you a little more of a natural glow, but the coverage is still there.

I really like this foundation because of it’s ability to build into a full coverage, beautiful finish all whilst keeping my oils at bay for a few hours!

The foundation is £26 for 32ml… which, for a high end brand, is a bit of a bargain! Usually foundations are around 30ml, but £26 is pretty cheap for a high end brand.

I would definitely recommend this to everyone who has oily skin, and normal to dry skin too, but with a more moisturising primer.

Fenty Beauty is also cruelty free. As if we couldn’t love it enough already.

Check the brand out on Harvey Nichols, if you’re in the UK, here.

Thanks for reading lovelies! 

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Lots of love, 




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