Skindinavia … The Makeup Setting Spray You Need?! | ✨

Hey beauts! Hope you’re all doing fab.

So, Skindinavia have finally arrived on Beauty Bay, which I’m over the moon about as I’ve been wanting to try out their setting sprays for a while, but could never find a place to get hold of them in the UK!

Basically, if you wasn’t aware, Skindinavia is a company who specialise in makeup setting sprays/primer sprays that not only set your makeup in place, but aren’t damaging to your skin either. They have paired up with Urban Decay on some of their well-known and loved setting sprays too, such as the All Nighter, which is widely raved about in the beauty world!

They use a whole lot of science and clever temperature control technology to make sure that the skin’s natural temperature, which usually makes makeup dry out and evaporate quickly, is controlled to prevent makeup looking tired and needing touch ups.

Read more about their technology here.

I initially wanted to try these setting sprays because I had used Urban Decay’s in the past, and thought they were brill and definitely held my makeup in place for a long time. Skindinavia’s products are also breathable on the skin, and all-round skin friendly, with no parabens or oils; they’re hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. The skincare aspect definitely swung the decision for me too, as there are so many setting sprays out there that can really irritate the skin and lay on top of blocked pores. Ain’t nobody got time for datttttt.


I ordered the Oil Control Makeup Finishing Spray, as I have oily skin. At first, I thought it was a little pricey at £32.50, but when it arrived I realised that I had ordered a huge 235ml, which is a lot bigger than the standard size setting sprays. You can choose your desired size on Beauty Bay, with the 118ml coming in at £24, which in comparison to Urban Decay’s All Nighter, which has 118ml and is £23.50, is pretty standard for a high end setting spray.

I think the packaging is really nice. It’s kind of “grungey” and reminds me of Urban Decay/Illamasqua’s style of packaging, which I love. There are instructions on the back and an ingredients list too, all simple and straight forward.


The second thing that I love about this setting spray is that the spray itself is so fine, it’s truly like a soft mist. This is soooooo important with setting sprays because some are SO harsh and once you’ve done a few sprays, your foundation has little water marks in it! Not a good look for anyone. So the fact this is a nice, fine mist means it’s immediately getting in my good books.

It smells very similar to the Urban Decay All Nighter, and whilst it isn’t a fragrance I am fond of, it’s not a deal breaker.

The performance of this product, I believe, is slightly better than that of the All Nighter. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It holds makeup in place, it reduces the amount of oil and shine my skin produces, and it’s not given me any skin problems for the amount of time I’ve been using it so far, which is around a week or so.

I have absolutely no complaints of this setting spray, and it’s definitely one I’m going to purchase again, it actually does it’s job and what more can you want from a setting spray?!

I also love how much of a variety they have, for example they have Bridal Setting Sprays, The Post-Makeup Recovery Spray (which is something I am dying to try – it looks absolutely incredible!), and even Primer Sprays! Also, the fact that you can buy them in these huge 236ml bottles is something I think is a great idea, it means it’ll last for a long time, so you definitely get your money’s worth. I would always opt for the 236ml over the 118ml now; I can see this one lasting me a really long time, and it saves the hassle of having to re-buy so frequently, especially for me; setting spray is a product I cannot live without!

Skindinavia are also a cruelty free brand.

Check out their sprays on Beauty Bay here, I 100% recommend them! Let me know if you try any/have tried any, and your thoughts on them, down below!

Thanks for reading, my little gems,

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