Neal’s Yard Remedies: New Meadowhall Store & Blogger Event! | ✨

Hey my loves!

I’m sorry for my absence – I feel like I always say this but ohhhhhh my gosh, if you’re at uni at the moment, you’ll understand the STRESS; it’s HECTIC.

But, I am back with a blog allllll about Neal’s Yard Remedies, and their new Meadowhall store, plus their blogger event which I was lucky enough to get invited to!

Neal’s Yard have always been a brand I’ve been interested in, if you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know I very much prefer natural skincare, and cruelty free products. I had never got around to trying out of their products, but they were actually on my Christmas list!

Then I got an email from the lovely Jessica from Neal’s Yard, informing me of their new store opening in Meadowhall, which I definitely needed to go and see! The store is absolutely beautiful, I’m in love with it.


After our conversation, Jess sent me over quite a few of their products to try out, which I was so grateful for and it was so kind of her! I absolutely love everything I’ve tried so far, she sent me a variety of things: their Wild Rose Beauty Balm, a travel essentials kit – which contains body washes, White Tea facial mist, a mini Wild Rose Beauty Balm, and Organic Facial Wipes, which I LOVE  – the White Tea Enriching Facial Mask and the Beauty Sleep Concentrate. She absolutely spoilt me!

Hands down my favourite item I’ve tried from them is their Wild Rose Beauty Balm. It’s actually incredible! I use it as a cleanser and a moisturiser at night, and wake up in the morning with super soft skin.


The blogger event at the new Meadowhall store was the first week in December, although I had my deadlines coming up for uni, I knew I needed to go and attend the blogger event because I’d already fallen in love with the brand, and the people who work for Neal’s Yard. Plus, I knew Jess was going to be travelling up to Meadowhall for the night, and I definitely knew I needed to meet her after speaking to her over email for so long!

The event was lovely, there were quite a few of us there. The Neal’s Yard team had prepared little nibbles and drinks for us, and we were able to browse the store, get free mini hand and arm massages, and ask any questions about any products we were interested in.

We also got an exclusive discount of 20% off that night, if we bought anything too.

After speaking to Hayley for a while; the manager at Neal’s Yard Meadowhall, I decided on buying the Organic Cocoa Blend – a superfood supplement that can be added to smoothies! And the Organic Beauty Oil, which is another food supplement; a mix of golden flaxseed oil, hemp oil, pumpkin seed oil, avocado oil and evening primrose oil. Again, you can add this to food or take it straight from the spoon.

Both of these food supplements are great at maintaining healthy skin and hair, which is primarily what I wanted them for, but there are a whole load of other benefits too as they’re both packed full of vitamins. The full list of benefits can be found on Neal’s Yard Remedies website.

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know I’m all into my superfoods and smoothies, so I thought these were the perfect purchase to use alongside my new skincare goodies that Jess sent over!

So far, I’m loving using the food supplements, especially the Organic Cocoa Blend because I really feel like it gives me an extra boost of energy! I’m hoping the mix of them both, and the vitamin C I take daily, will help me to ward off any winter cold, and keep my hair, nails and skin healthy all Christmas long, even after allllllllll of the food I’m about to consume on Christmas Day!

As for the skincare, the Wild Rose Beauty Balm is something that I could NOT live without now, it’s my absolute go-to. I’ve tried some samples of their Organic Rosehip Oil too, which is gorgeous.

Also, the Beauty Sleep Concentrate is incredible too, it really makes me feel relaxed as I apply it all over my face before bed!


Overall, I’m SO glad I finally got to try Neal’s Yard Remedies’ products, and I can see why they have such a cult following and are renowned for their products! They are definitely my new go-to brand, for pretty much every skincare concern.

I was speaking to Hayley and Jess at the blogger event about their aromatic oils and diffusers that they sell, as they’re perfect at controlling your mood and relaxing you, so this is something I definitely want to try in the future!

I’m so happy they have a store in Meadowhall now too!

If you’re popping by Meadowhall this week for some bits just before Christmas, I would 1000% recommend to call in to the new Neal’s Yard store, the staff are so helpful and lovely, and the products are insane: Who doesn’t want the gift of perfect skin for Christmas this year?!

Thanks for reading loves,

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I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and New Year, 

Lots of love,



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