What do you need to keep your hair healthy? |✨

Hey my loves!

Hope you’re all fab.

Again, as part of my #LookGoodFeelBetter campaign, I wanted to do a little segment on haircare, because if your hair is feeling fab, you’re feeling fab, am I right?

So, first off, it’s no secret that I wear hair extensions. I wear clip-ins, and have done for seven years. I’ve gone from having full and thick, 22″ clip-ins, to more subtle 18″ ones, and now, I mainly just wear one weft of my old 18″s to add thickness because my hair has grown… a lot.

Also, PSA – clip in extensions have NEVER damaged my hair. I put them in in a morning and take them out at night, I never sleep in them, and I look after my own hair. I have NEVER had any problems, and I just wanted to put that out there as I know some people are a bit funny about clip ins! I have to say, it was the time I had nano bonds that my hair really suffered (needless to say, I had them out about a week after having them in, and reverted back to my clip-ins).

I always had that hair that never grew past a certain length, it was long-ish, but never LONG, hence the extensions. So, in 2016 I had my hair cut to a bob. I loved it, for about a month and then I found myself missing my extensions, so I started using them again.

Fast forward to about 8 months ago, I decided I was fed up of trying to grow my own hair yet damaging it all the time with heat, shampoo which was bad for my hair, and whining whilst doing nothing about it.

So here’s what I did:

I stopped washing my hair everyday

However, I jumped straight into washing it only once or twice a week. My hair did not abide well to this new routine, and it dried out so quick. I switched it up again and now wash it every other day, which is much better, and it has honestly made a difference in the thickness of my hair.

I started using scrunchies and spiral hair bands

I wear my hair up a lot, because of the gym, and I noticed that once I took it down, normal hair bands were pulling out a lot of my hair and getting tangled – causing breakage! I think scrunchies are the safest hair band of all, but they’re not always acceptable to wear to every event!

Sulphate-free shampoo, and a mini hair mask…

I alternate between a sulphate free shampoo (my favourite at the minute being the Maui range) and my Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes shampoo to keep my hair bright and ashy blonde. I know that shampoo containing sulphates strip your hair, and I’m not 100% sure if my hair has shown any evidence of benefits for switching to sulphate-free, but I do feel all the better for knowing I’m trying to help my hair!


I use a hair mask once a week, and to begin with, I used the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle conditioner/mini-mask after every wash and it worked a treat on my hair. After a while though, probably because I was caring more for it, my hair had reached its limit where it wouldn’t absorb any of the goodness from the mask anymore and would just feel greasy when dry. At this point I switched conditioners and decided that my hair had actually been repaired to a point where it didn’t need a mask every other day. I still use the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle once or twice a week.


Hair oil

I have a basket full of hair products, yet I find it tedious to reach for any of them. One thing I CAN stick to though is a hair oil. I just jump out the shower, get a few pumps of hair oil and run it through my hair, then whack my hair up (in a scrunchie!), and moisturise or tan: DONE! I prefer using serum-in-oils as I think they feel more luxurious on the hair. The Dove one is incredible, but I am currently using a Tresemme one which is nice too.



I stretched my hair appointments as much as I could. I get my hair bleached, and although I’ve never really suffered any consequences like the shock-horrors that you read about, I know any type of colour, especially bleach, is just not great for your hair. I get my hair done at a salon, so it’s better cared for than a box-dye, but still. I stretched my appointments from every 6-8 weeks to every 12-15 weeks. I’m naturally a dark ashy blonde/light ashy brown, so my roots actually blend in pretty well with my bleach blonde… thank god for Ombre and Balayage being all the range RN!

I do still get my hair trimmed, but only when necessary as I don’t get split ends that much.


This is possibly one of the most important and effective things I did to promote hair growth – the other steps promote hair strength and less breakage. I had seen Hairburst advertised for months and was so sceptical. But I saw Superdrug have an offer on the chewy heart vitamins, and thought I have nothing to lose – and they taste like sweets – a massive plus for my sweet tooth.

Now, I know I’m going to sound like an annoying advert, but honestly, my hair was noticeably longer and in better condition in a WEEK. NO exaggeration. I am currently two months in, taking two a day everyday, and I really think it’s made a difference to my hair. The condition of my hair now is unreal and it’s not been this long in YEARS. I definitely recommend trying at least one month of the Hairburst gummies – they taste incredible too.

Annnnnd that my friends is pretty much it! So far, I think I have seen some amazing results. Although I do still continue to wear my hair extensions (I just like the extra volume), I am comfortable with wearing my hair down, naturally in the day now, which is something I haven’t felt in years. And honestly, there is not much difference between when I wear the extensions, and when I don’t, which is also something I haven’t noticed in years!

Thanks for reading lovelies, 

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the above and how it worked out for you!

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