Which fake tans are the best? | ✨

Hey hunnies! Hope everyone is doing fantastic. 

So.. it’s coming to summer and we’re all about to brace baring our pale limbs in the sun…that is, if we even get any more sun. Regardless, here are the best fake tans for you to try, no matter your experience level.

Bondi Sands – Cruelty Free


Obviously this brand is nothing new to anyone. Every product the brand has to offer has been advertised everywhere, raved about everywhere, all over EVERYWHERE. And I have to say it really is worth the hype. It’s not too expensive, it smells really nice, it’s a nice colour and it’s easy to apply. I recommend the mousse/foam, and I use either dark or ultra dark.

Rating : 10/10

Skinny Tan – Cruelty Free


Another favourite of mine, and another one which is advertised EVERYWHERE. The mousse is the only one I recommend, as I don’t really reckon that much to the others – I never seemed to got any colour from them. But the mouse, in the original shade, and the ultimate dark shade both give a gorgeous, natural looking colour. Again, smells amazing, easy to apply. If you are a bit nervous about the colour of your fake tan, and want to look as natural as possible, I would opt for the Skinny Tan range.

Rating: 10/10

*If you’re spoilt for choice between these two, I actually have a post comparing them both, just here.*

St. Moriz 5 in 1 Mousse  – Cruelty Free

I’m not talking the £2 bottles we all used to buy from Wilko (please don’t buy this one!). St. Moriz have upped their game recently, taking head from brands like Skinny Tan and Bondi Sands and creating more natural looking, less smelly, less fake-looking mousses. The only thing is, they don’t last as long. The colour is beautiful, but it only lasts a few days. However, it is a lot cheaper than Skinny Tan and Bondi Sands, so it’s swings and roundabouts.

Rating: 8/10

Onto more gradual, natural looking tans…

I used to hate gradual tans, I literally could not stand them. What’s the point? I used to think. If I want to tan I want to be as tanned as possible, as quick as possible. But, after returning from holiday with a natural deep tan, I discovered that gradual tans were great at keeping your natural tan topped up and looking ‘fresh’. Not only that, after a few days of use – which I know is tedious – they actually provide a really nice colour.

These days, I used a mix of gradual and ordinary fake tan. I use the ordinary tan once or twice a week, and keep it looking fresh in between tanning by using a gradual tan. One bonus about gradual tans is that they are usually great moisturisers too, so you kill two birds with one stone. (They also tend to last a little longer on the skin too, possibly because you layer it so much).

Moving on…

L’Oreal Sublime Overnight Elixir


This product is not new. In fact, it’s so old that it’s been discontinued from Superdrug (you can still get it from Boots, but I get mine from Amazon because it’s a LOT cheaper), but it’s SO underrated. It’s so moisturising, and after one use you do get a bit of colour. One massive bonus for me is the fact it dries so quick, you don’t feel anything on your skin at all. It also doesn’t smell. This is the most natural looking, but deep-enough to be noticed, gradual tan I’ve ever tried and I would recommend it to everyone – beginners and experts.

Rating: 10/10 (I always use this between proper fake tanning).

St. Tropez Gradual Tan Medium/Dark – Cruelty Free


Again, this is something I used before, during, and after a holiday and then fell in love with because the colour was just so natural-looking, but built up really dark. You do notice a colour difference after one application, but I recommend two days worth to get a desired tan. I definitely recommend the medium/dark shade, I imagine the light/medium does not build up very deep. The downsides: it’s STICKY, and believe me when I say STICKY. It also smells pretty strong. But, it’s on offer a lot, a good moisturiser too, and a nice tan. So once again, swings and roundabouts.

Rating: 7/10 (Purely because of the stickiness)

My favourite facial fake tans at the moment are the UTAN and Tone Coconut Tanning Water spray, and the UTAN and Tone Nourishing Night Creme.  They smell incredible and give such a nice colour, and make my skin sooooo soft!


And guys and gals, if you’re fake tanning, don’t forget your exfoliator, a moisturiser for your dry bits (dirty-looking elbows is not a look, but we’ve all been there – sometimes I still am there admittedly *life*) and, the most important: a tanning mitt.

That’s everything!

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I hope you enjoyed the post and found it in any way, a little helpful! 

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