200 Followers – Thank you! ✨

Hi my loves! Just a short note to say thank you so much for getting me to my next milestone; 200 followers here on WordPress! I hit 200 followers on Friday morning, and I'm truly grateful to all of you who read my blog and engage in my content. Reaching 200 followers was a goal [...]


3 Favourite HIIT Exercises For Fat Burning! | ✨

Hey loves! Hope you're doing fab as per! What I wanted to chat about today is my three favourite HIIT exercises for fat burning. Recently I've lost about 24lbs due to a number of things, I have always been a gym-goer and ate relatively well, but had changed things up a little after gaining weight [...]

Goddess Nutrition Brand Review!|✨

Hey lovelies! I hope you're all doing fab!  Today I'm here to talk about a fitness brand; Goddess Nutrition. They sell supplements, accessories, and soon, sportswear! Goddess Nutrition acknowledge that men and women's bodies work in different ways, and that us women require a different balance of vitamins and nutrients to get optimal results from [...]

What I Got For My 21st Birthday – HUGE Clothing and Beauty Haul! ✨

Hey beautiful people! Following on from my "Manchester look book" - check that out here if you missed it! As promised, here is my collective list of what I got for my 21st birthday, but also what I bought with money I was gifted for it too. This will be a HUGE post. Grab a [...]

My Post-Gym Cruelty Free Skincare Routine! | ✨

Hey beauts! I thought, seeing as it's the New Year (New Year, New Me, right?), I would share with you how I look after my skin after a gruelling workout! Training in general can be really hard on your skin, whether in the gym or outside, and it's important to replenish it as soon as possible! [...]

Another Meadowhall Student Night\Haul! ✨

Hey beauts! I hope you've all been keeping well.  ** Usual disclaimer about this being a long post because I just can't help but ramble excitedly on** So a few weeks ago I got an exciting email from one of my favourite places: Meadowhall Shopping Centre! (Sheffield,UK). This email informed me that there was to [...]

Matcha Green & Mint Energy Boost Smoothie |🌞🍓

Hi my lovelies! I hope you're all doing well. I wanted to share with you all a recipe I made which is perfect for summer, and healthy too, using EatCleanTea's Matcha Green & Mint Tea powder, and some other healthy bits and bobs! It's really quick, simple, and easy. Which is exactly what you want [...]

Meadowhall Student Shopping Night / Haul |✨

Hey my lovelies! ✨ So today will be quite a big post because i'm going to be combining my latest shopping trip to Meadowhall, Sheffield, UK and a few other things I've bought recently, which I know some are available at Meadowhall, too! (Basically just a whole lot of makeup, Victoria's Secret, Nike, and Beyonce's [...]