Dazzy Body Coffee Scrub Review! | ✨

Hey my loves! I hope you’re all doing amazing!

Today I wanted to talk about another skincare item, but one that I’ve never tried before, and think is worth ranting and raving about! 

So, just over a week ago, I was contacted by Dazzy; a company who make coffee-based scrubs that are suitable for use on your face, and body!

Dazzy is a European company, they are based in the Czech Republic, all of their products are made in Slovakia, and their products are about be launched onto the EU & UK market. You can purchase their products online via this link: DAZZY BODY SCRUB.

They contacted me and asked me if I would like to try one of their coffee scrubs and to write a review on the scrub. Obviously, as a skincare fanatic, I accepted the offer and they sent me the Coffee & Chocolate face and body scrub to try out.


I loved the idea of trying this scrub because it’s natural and not full of chemicals that strip layers of your skin for exfoliation. If you’ve read my last post on why I cut down my skincare routine (you can check it out, here), then you’ll understand my need for a more natural, softer approach to my skin these days.

Also, the fact that it’s suitable for both your body and your face is a big plus for me. I’m constantly exfoliating my body due to wearing lots of fake tan, so being able to combine the two and cut down time is much better for me. I’m not going to lie, it made me wonder what’s in some of the exfoliators you see on the market that makes them only suitable for body/face, and not both.

Coffee (caffeine) is an amazing skincare product that really helps to brighten and re-juvinate the skin, and can help to reduce redness and improve circulation. It is an antioxidant for the skin. Chocolate obviously has caffeine in too, which makes this scrub kinda a double-whammy!

There are other versions of the coffee scrub on their website too, mixed with other things instead of chocolate. For example you can get Pure Coffee, Coffee & Cocos (coconut) and Coffee & Citrus (I bet this one smells incredible).

(Disclaimer: I was sent this product by of Dazzy, but my review and opinion is 100% my own. I am not being paid to write this, they just sent me the product and I think it’s worth reviewing!)

It came pretty quickly, within few days, and the first thing I noticed was that the packaging is really cute. It’s really fitting to the product.

The actual scrub packaging is the same; fitting to the product and it’s resealable, so your scrub doesn’t get stale! It also has everything you need to know on the back of the packet.


It shows a composition diagram on the back, with an ingredients list to tell you exactly what is in the scrub. The main ingredient is obviously coffee, followed by brown sugar & sea salt, cold pressed almond and virgin coconut oil, and then it’s topped with vitamin E and some other “miracle ingredients”.

You also get quite a lot; the packet is 200g, which is a good amount for a scrub, considering it can be used for both your face and body.

The first thing I noticed upon opening the packet was the smell. It smells absolutely INCREDIBLE. Honestly, is there anything better than the smell of ground coffee beans? And who doesn’t love coffee & chocolate?

To use, it’s a little messy, it is ground coffee beans after all. I have used coffee scrubs in the past, and they are all the same mess-wise. This isn’t an issue for me, but it’s something worth noting if you’ve never used one before; expect to have to rinse your bath down afterwards!


But, the pay-off is definitely worth it.

I used Dazzy on my face primarily, and without sounding too extra, I could feel the hydration and smoothness instantly when I was rinsing off the scrub. Honestly, on the first use, my skin felt amazing; hydrated, smooth, it looked brighter and my irritated-spotty (annoying) areas were much less red. I was impressed. As mentioned above, I’ve used coffee scrubs before and whilst I’ve always found them really good, I’ve never classed them as a MUST-HAVE, life-changing product. So to have instant results the first time after using Dazzy, I was seriously impressed.

I then used it on my body. I used it with an exfoliating glove at first, but coffee scrubs are a little harder than other body scrubs, so it can be a bit too harsh. I took the glove off and just grabbed an amount with my hand, and scrubbed it into my skin that way.

I got the same results as I did on my face, my skin was a lot smoother, and hydrated. I could literally see the hydration in my skin, as in the shower my skin was actually reflecting the water after I had rinsed off the scrub.

To remove my tan I would probably use my tan remover exfoliator, and then this, as sometimes normal body scrubs alone don’t remove tan that easily.

I have used it on my face numerous times since, and each time I love it. Also, the smell when you’re rubbing it in is gorgeous too. The whole time you can just smell coffee and chocolate. And I don’t know anyone who’s gonna be complaining about that!

Plus, you get to look like this when you’re scrubbing it in;

(no makeup, bed-hair, comfy clothes selfies…)

Mine was sent to me directly from Dazzy, but upon searching their website, I have discovered there is a UK website that you can get them from, if you would prefer. They’re also discounted at the minute too, you can check it out here.

Hands down, I am so happy I agreed to receive this product from Dazzy and I would 100% recommend. It’s a bit of a higher-priced scrub, but I imagine that will be due to the natural ingredients, for example, Lush’s products are higher priced than drugstore for the same reason. I have used it probably four times, and I still have way over half of the packet left, so it definitely lasts an adequate amount of time for the money you spend on it.

I’d definitely say to check out their website, and see if any takes your fancy, because I honestly think it’ll be a big part of my skincare now for the near future! And who doesn’t prefer a more natural skincare approach, wherever they can get it?!

Dazzy is cruelty free & vegan.

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